8 Easy Tips to Improve Google Search Ranking

June 16, 2016 by ournethelps

When you write a blog, you’re not posting to keep the information you’re sharing with yourself. You want people to read your blog and for it to compete well in the search engines so your information is out there. But how do you get your blog to rank higher in the search engines without getting a marketing degree? Here are some easy tips and tricks to help improve Google search ranking of your blog’s.

Research and Use Keywords

Use this great free Google AdWords tool to research what keywords you want your page to come up under. Once you’ve found a few good keywords for your post or your site as a whole, incorporating them sparingly, typically one to three times per post. Make sure you have one in your post title, meta tag, metadata, alt text for photos and in the body, they don’t have to be the same one.

Use Questions, Lists or “how to” in Post Titles

If you’re trying to grow your blog, these type of titles are the most clicked because they drive the searcher’s curiosity, a quest for knowledge or expertise. Good examples would be, “What Tips Help My Blog Rank Higher?” or “How to Make Your Blog Rank Higher” or the title of this post.

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Update Meta Tag

Also known as a page title, a meta tag gives you a place you can include a keyword or enter a title that is a variant of your post title. This allows you to gain ground in slightly different searches, such as the difference between someone looking for a tutorial versus someone looking for the answer to a question. Keep it under 66 characters for the best result.

Write a Compelling Meta Description

Those blurbs of information after a linked title page in a search provide a great place to grab the searcher’s attention. Usually, between 120 and 160 characters, the meta description provides a place where you can entice the viewer to click through and stay on your post. A good approach is to ask a question the viewer is considering, then offer a teaser of the post content.

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Be Relevant

If your blog is in English china and your post is on getting the most from your Xbox One, you won’t rank very high. Blogs don’t take much to start, so if you have multiple, unrelated topics, you should start a blog for each topic. If it does tie in some fashion, make sure you get into the details of how it ties together. Viewers who almost immediately leave the page hurt your search ranking.

Provide Valuable Information in the Post

As Google’s algorithm has been updating, the continued push for quality content means that sites providing good information that keeps readers engaged on that site instead of immediately leaving will rank higher on the search engine.

Go Mobile

You don’t need an app or fancy programming skills to do this, and many blog templates provide automatic mobile changes when they detect a mobile device. You’ll also want to keep your blog readable, with clear definition and good contrast between the background and the font.

Build Links

Whether it’s linking internally to your other pages, building links out to other blogs or being linked to by other websites, links are virtual gold. Get to know the community in your niche and be willing to spend a little time reaching out to other bloggers or websites. This can be as simple as a quick email saying that you like their site and linked to it in X post, with a link to the post attached. That’s it!

By keeping these tips in mind when you’re writing your next post, you can easily promote it and get better search engine results. Don’t let your hard work be ignored in Google. Put yourself out there and see what difference a little knowledge makes.

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