Fundamentals of Preserving Magnificence and Healthy Appearance

June 11, 2018 by ournethelps

In this world, everyone wants to look different and beautiful. Some are born naturally wonderful and others need to use few auxiliaries to make a wonderful appearance. However, the thing which is most common in this aspect is that beauty in both situations naturally or artificial need to be maintained appropriately. Thus, this gorgeousness and splendour are preserves through some following characteristics that are mandatory to be practise:


While thinking about beauty, the first thing which strikes everyone’s mind is glowing skin and perfect body. There are many products available in the market nowadays which enhances the complexion for the time being but not permanently and many people are attracted towards them but basically whatever you eat reflects on your face.

Secrets for glowing skin

Water intake

Water is the basic necessity of life. Drinking more than 10 glasses per day would bring more glowing and radiant skin. The way water helps a plant to grow and add life to a dead plant, the same way it helps a dead skin to increase its moisture and to be more attractive.


The diet which an individual follows has a great impact on their face. Fresh juices instead of the packed ones give freshness on a face. Increase intake of green vegetables is also beneficial. A diet plan which balances the nutritional values helps to achieve a better result. The food which is high in fat and oil such as junk food increases the oil content on a face which ultimately lead to black heads and acne. Acne prone skin is highly at risk due to bad diet.


A proper sleep at night for minimum 8 hours is necessary. It prevents from dark circles, puffiness and acne.

Soaps and face washes

When choosing the best and suitable soap or face wash, one should acknowledge the skin type first. Different soaps for different skin types are available in market suitable for oily, normal or dry skin. A creamy soap would aid more oil to oily skin that is why it should be avoided. It would be a better idea to seek a dermatologist advice before choosing a soap.

Using a sunscreen

Sunscreen is important. It protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays. This is important in day time providing a protective layer to skin from sun rays and as well as important at home in the daytime to protect from tube lights and sunlight entering in home premises.

Applying moisturizer

A moisturizer is essential for daily use, preventing skin dryness and adding the moisture required for the skin. A moisturizer rich in vitamin E is the best one.

Daily walk

Walk for 30 to 60 minutes daily gives an antiaging effect on the skin. All the excess fat is burned while walking and it also prevents from many diseases, providing a healthy lifestyle to a person.

Daily removal of makeup

Females who apply makeup on daily basis, it is important for them to remove it when going to bed or when coming back home. If the makeup is not removed, it would provide a barrier for a skin to breath and lead to block and dirty pores in the skin.

Avoid smoking

Smoking has a harmful effect on skin, it enhances the aging process and development of wrinkles on skin earlier. So addiction to smoking, as well as tobacco, should be avoided.

Aloe Vera and rose water

Nowadays, Aloe Vera is getting all the hype and it is used in all the beauty products as well as can be used alone on a face. Its results are beneficial. It prevents from acne as well as pigmentation in many cases. On the other hand, rose water used in summer sunny days can give a refreshing effect to the dull skin.

Using fairness creams

All the products available in markets in local stores contain steroids and other harmful chemicals which make the skin layer thinner as well as destroy the outermost layer which is the epidermis, make skin more prone to develop patches and pigments on a very little exposure to the sun. Skin sensitivity increases to 4 folds in such cases and ends up in the worst state of skin as well as leading to skin cancers.


Adding multivitamins in the diet daily helps in skin and nail growth. It acts as an antioxidant removing all the free radicals as well as help in balancing hormone levels in females which lead to overweight, hirsutism, and pigmentation. However, a glowing beautiful skin is the basic need for everyone nowadays, but a proper body shape and up to the mark dressing also brings out a presentable individual.

Perfect body plan

  • The gym trend has increased a lot in past years and more youth is busy making six packs and losing weight. It is a great step towards grooming oneself.
  • In coordination with the exercises practiced in a gym, a balanced nutrition plan is important.
  • High protein intake, vitamins help to bring better hair, nails, and skin. Vitamin A rich in carrots, vitamin c rich in citrus fruits and vitamin E present in grains and green vegetables should be added in a diet.
  • Less carbohydrate consumption should be focused.
  • Small meals should be encouraged and a complete timetable would be appreciable.
  • Taking heavy meals after 8 pm should be avoided as it would lead to gain weight as well as a root for digestion problems.
  • Green tea use will aid in losing weight as well as brighten the skin.
  • Not only heavy exercises have a role to get in shape but other than that, walking, jogging and indulging in physical sports would also help a person to be in shape and regain his confidence.

Dressing sense

Lastly, the way a person dressed and present himself also add a glow to his overall personality. Choosing suitable colors for the skin type and dresses according to body type and events would ultimately give an attractive look to the personality. Going for dark colors in summer would give an overall dull skin effect. On the other side, choosing bright colors would give a radiant effect to the face.

Everyone has different body shape, and choosing according to it would give a charming impact. Wearing too tight or loose clothes gives a more casual look, but having a dressing sense and the way to put on and carry it would have a lasting effect.

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