Mind Blowing Half Bathroom Ideas

July 19, 2018 by abhitisoma

With only two fitting units to be installed, Basin and Water Closet, these cute half bathrooms are the place where we can experiment on various themes, colors and textures. Upgrade your home with the following Half bathroom ideas that will amaze your guest.

1. Use up the Vertical space – Walls

One of the beautiful bathroom design, in a small luxury bathroom or doing a bathroom remodel, is utilizing the Wall space. In a small area, effectively using the available space is important. Choose one of the plain sides of the half bathroom and install few open racks. Stack it up with elegant storage boxes either in bamboo or crystal material to give an aesthetic look. Place your favorite décor items or small indoor plants with colorful vases.

2. Free up the Floor Space – Wall Mount Basins

Freeing up the floor space not only gives a clutter-free area but makes it easy to clean. Minimum furniture leads to less maintenance and has a smart and sharp look.

3. Perfect add-on Baggage Area

The Half bathroom provides us with an option which we cannot do in the regular bathroom where space is a constraint to store cleaning liquids and sprays. Many of them use these spaces wisely like placing a cabinet over the toilet bowl. Go in for see-through doors for quick and easy usage.

4. Two in One (Mirror or a medicine cabinet)

Multipurpose furniture plays a crucial role in many bathroom styles and design especially when it comes to the half bathroom. Look in for a Mirror cum storage cabinet, inside with small racks, which helps to store the medicine pills and other sanitary essentials.

5. Wall Mount Faucet

Wall Mount series range gives a luxury of having more space in these half bathroom concepts. Like Wall Mount Basins, pair it up with a concealed Wall mount Faucet which offers a uniform design.

6. Delve Into the Luxury Side

Any small luxury bathrooms or luxury cloakroom suits have some marvellous theme to their half bathroom. Since space is less and only two fixtures, spending for small area is more affordable than its large premium bathroom suite counterpart. Indulge in all Copper theme or high-quality oak wood or teak wood theme or ever gorgeous gold-plated basins and faucets with rich borders.

7. Look what’s Sliding

Small bathrooms, using up the available space to a maximum level is very crucial. In many designer bathroom suites, Slide door is gaining popularity in various bathroom style and designs. Sliding door will not cramp the space like the traditional ones do. You can also add a poster of your choice to the inside of these doors for a cool upgrade.

8. Fake it with Mirror

If you are going to do a bathroom remodel or create a new half bathroom, it is always a better idea to experiment with mirrors. Mirrors always create an illusion of more space than original and seamlessly doubles the space. Placing a long mirror comfortably on one side of the wall, or above the basin are a great idea. Also, try for sliding doors with a mirror on inner side it gives a stunning look.

9. Vibrant colors

Opt-in for warm colors like yellow, beige or orange gives a vibrant makeover to your half bathroom. Colorful shades are a definite mood enhancer, half bathrooms are a perfect place to experiment with colors and you will never go wrong.

10. Lights

Gleaming lighting changes the Half bathroom’s look drastically. Lights is an overlooked category in half bathrooms, but the best bathrooms use these techniques to elevate to a ravishing level.

Use these ideas in your half bathroom and amaze your guest each time they visit you. Always choose a Trusted Brand, for higher quality always, for longer durability and ease of mind.

Abhiti has studied interior design extensively, love to write articles about home decor, renovations, interior design etc. Die hard lover of chocolates, novels and adventures, her aim is to write a novel based on her own life.