What To Gift Your Long Distance Girlfriend On Her Birthday

December 13, 2017 by ravikumar

It is said that love is beyond time and space. However, the presence of the partner always matters the most. But the fact is reel- and real-life are completely different. In real-life everyone has some responsibilities like studies, job, family and other commitments that may coax one to temporarily shift their base to a new country leaving their beloved behind. While this kind of a situation is unavoidable sometimes, the most important thing is to keep the love alive even while staying miles away from your girlfriend or boyfriend. Geographical boundaries should never come between couples and shatter their dreams of living together. Happiness lies in sharing memories and waiting for the moment when reunion will happen. Love should never fade away.

It is not always that your love will blossom only when you are together on all special occasions like birthdays. If you are staying away from your girlfriend and mourning silently that you will not be able to wish her on birthday, then you need to know the little secrets of making a relationship work. In this world obsessed with the internet, you can send flowers online and find many ways to celebrate her special day while expressing your true love for her. Sending romantic birthday gifts online is the best way to relish your long distance relationship

For your help, here are a few wonderful gift ideas that will make her day and make her feel closer to you:

A Bouquet of Red Roses

After all, your girlfriend is one precious person in your life who brought along immense love and happiness. She deserves a special treatment on her special day and nothing can be better than flowers to make her feel like that. Plenty of red roses in a bouquet will make her fall in love with you again. You undoubtedly love her to the moon and back and red roses give you the way to express your feelings for her. The best part is that you can order a bouquet online with same day delivery. So, doesn’t matter even if you are late.

Photo Collage

Prepare this gift by yourself if you want to give it a personal touch and make it special. A sweet photo collage from pictures of your earlier hangout sessions, dates and other occasions will make her walk through the memory lane. A flashback of sweet memories of the moment you spent together will make her emotional and bring a bright smile on her face. This will be the most special and memorable gift for her.  She will be absolutely thrilled at receiving such an incredible gift.

Watch – But Dual Zone

What if you are missing her and she is missing you, but don’t approach each other considering the time difference. The dual zone watch will show your time zone and her also. So whenever she will miss you or want to talk to you, she will look at the watch and reach you when it is your wake time. Also, the gift will remind her of you and bring a sweet smile on her face. And what else you want?

A Short Movie of Her

Yes, you can do it too. After all, she is the star of your life. You don’t have to do much, just record a video of yourself singing birthday jingles and then cut and add videos of her from your past recordings in a sequential manner as if a movie is being telecasted. You can take help of any tools to record a video and make a movie out of it. Just send this video in the middle of the night along with flowers and she will be happy beyond your imagination.

Personalised Coffee Mug

Do you miss spending time together on her birthday? Don’t feel like. Just give a video call to her in the midnight to wish her on birthday and send her a gift that doesn’t make you feel apart. A personalised coffee mug with your images or two countries connected through a line can be a symbolic gift. Every morning she will sip coffee from it and feel you near her.

Doesn’t matter where you are, you can send flowers to India as well as personalised gifts with same day delivery and make your girlfriend feel like a princess on her special day.