Technology of Genetic Food Modification at Problem of World Hunger

August 29, 2017 by ournethelps

One of the main issues faced by the world is a food shortage. The population is increasing day by day but the food production is not happening just like the population increases. More and more farmers have started to move away from the cultivation of food items as they don’t find it as financial loss. Since the numbers of farmers cultivating food items are decreasing, the world is facing the huge issue of food shortages. Poor climate, natural disasters, lack of water, Drought, extreme weather events, lack of rain, Pests & livestock diseases, etc have resulted in the less production of food items across the world.

Genetic food modification is considered as one of the top solutions available to the world to prevent food shortages. However, there are a lot of controversies around genetically modified foods and many people are against these types of food production. Genetically modified foods are a topic that drives zeal on both sides of the debate. Genetically modified foods are produced from soy, corn, and many other crops developed from seeds with genetically engineered DNA. There are many Pros and Cons to genetically modified foods.

Pros of Genetically Modified Foods

The benefits of genetically modified foods are many and diverse. A notable advantage of GM foods is that they can create superior crop yields and it can lead to feeding more people in the world. GM foods more economical compared to other alternatives. Besides, it decreases the need for pesticides and herbicides. It also lessens the manpower considered necessary to productively cultivate the crops and it can result in more financial gains.

GM foods can present enhanced food quality. It develops resistance to insects and creates healthier crops. GM foods lessen the threat of crop failure and formulate crops that are much resistant to bad climate. Genetically modified foods can be engineered to have superior levels of a nutrient.

Cons of Genetically Modified Foods

There are some notable cons to genetically modified foods. Some of the reports have shown that GM foods can cause allergies in humans and a few of the genes used in GM technology can give rise to allergies in some people. Pesticides included in GM foods are connected to cancer, neurological diseases, like Parkinson’s, and numerous other severe health problems.

Another negative aspect to GM food is that other useful organisms in the ecosystem could be damaged. GM foods are made by means of bacteria and viruses. Hence, there is a chance for the surfacing of new diseases.  A few GM foods have incorporated antibiotic contents in order to improve immunity, and if you eat those GM foods, it can reduce the efficiency of real antibiotics in your body.

It is widely agreed that technology of genetic food modification can be used to solve the problem of world hunger. Lets us take a look at can genetically modified food nourish the world:

1. One of the notable strong points of genetically modified is that it assists to ease world hunger.

2. Since genetically modified foods are inexpensive to grow, boost yields, and broaden the time food stays suitable for eating, technology of genetic food modification offer more food to feed the world.

3. Genetic engineering is a dominant means to improve food production because there is no quicker way to make foods than genetically modified foods.

4. Since more and more big as well as small scale agricultural companies, farmers, and food producers are giving importance to GM crops to make genetically modified foods, a technology of genetic food modification can solve the problem of world hunger.

5. With the world population anticipated to double by every year, food shortage will persist to be an ever more complex and central problem. But, Genetic food modification can help to feed the world and it consists of changing the nature of seeds to set them more droughts tolerant, pest-resistant, and vitamin-improved.

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