The 7 Best Essay Writing Tools And Resources

April 19, 2017 by sophia-clark

Here, we have collected 7 best essay writing tools that will be of use for the freshmen and senior students. We believe that all these tools deserve to be called the best ones in their segment. We have tried all of them and now we may tell for sure – they really make essay writing easier and contribute to student success!


It is the first resource that comes to mind when we are talking about essay writing. Today, the internet is full of information and students have to browse dozens of websites to find materials for their research. However, they forget the most obvious among them – Wikipedia, which contains millions of pages. Why do we choose it? The matter is that the information here is checked by the editors, which means that you can be sure that it is truthful and reliable.

Dictionary & thesaurus

When writing an essay, you frequently may be stuck with what word or phrase to choose to express your idea in the most precise and clear way. For many students, this is a real problem as they have got used to talking and writing using the same lexicon. However, this is not enough to create a good essay. Your professors always expect your growth and the development of your skill of introducing new words to your speech smoothly.

Essay Map

Another problem that many students face is the inability to organize their ideas. While writing an essay, they want to include everything there. However, to write a good essay, you need to understand how to use your ideas properly and how to make the best out of these ideas. Essay Map will help you create a proper structure for an essay and will visually show you how the ideas support the topic of an essay and how they complement each other.

Grammar checkers

A good essay is always written in perfect English. If you think that you can’t write without mistakes, make use of the special apps and programs that work on the grammar improvement. One of the most popular applications is Grammarly, and this is really one of the best apps. It fixes minor mistakes if you have a free access and makes a text perfect with a premium access. Another great app is HemigwayApp which helps to get rid of unnecessary words.


There is one more important aspect of essay writing and this is plagiarism check. As you probably know, all colleges have strict requirements regarding plagiarism, which means that every single essay should be unique. Even when using quotations and citations, you need be very careful as with the improper formatting, they may be considered plagiarism. There are multiple plagiarism checkers and you should know whether your campus uses some of them. One of the best tools for checking plagiarism is Copyscape, however, you should pay for its services.


If you do not know how to support the ideas and messages that you use in your essay, pay attention to the special note-taking apps, such as Memonic. Using them, you may take note of all the resources that will help you create a strong essay with the ideas that are backed with high-quality sources so no one will be able to deny that you’re right even though they may not agree with you.

If you feel that writing is not for you or if you understand that you do not have enough time for that or you just do not want to spend your time on essay writing, you may always use professional services. For example, you can make use of a custom writing service. Here, you can choose any type of essay, select the deadlines, and even get a discount for your piece of writing. This is perhaps the easiest way to get a perfect essay and if you are ready to spend some money, use it. The professional writers working here will ensure that you receive a high-quality essay that will pass all the requirements of your professor.

Applications and online services can help you create a perfect essay but you should always remember that your grades depend on your attitude to studying. When writing a paper, consider making use of all available methods. Combining all of them may be even more beneficial than using just one, so consider it when working on your essay.