EPOC Training: Your Gateway To Faster Weight Loss

July 26, 2018 by ournethelps

Anyone who wants to lose weight fast must explore the option of EPOC training. This kind of training is truly remarkable in the sense that it helps you lose weight fast while making sure that it does not return back. EPOC stands for Excess Post exercise Oxygen Consumption. It means that your body keeps on consuming oxygen even after you have finished working out. You will be surprised to know that due to this phenomenon your body keeps on burning calories for as long as 24 hours after completing your exercise.

This special training works on a simple principle that when you perform high intensity exercises for some time, your body’s temperature raises to a significant degree. After you finish the workout your body takes its time to return back to its normal temperature and burns a good amount of calories during the process. The more intense the workout, the more time your body takes to cool down and more is the number of calories burnt. This kind of training boosts your metabolic rate to a great degree which remains uplifted for a long time, resulting in an impressive melting of body fat.

EPOC basically refers to the amount of oxygen your body requires to come back to its normal state. This means that with this process your body keeps on melting fat even while you are watching TV, reading a book and even sleeping. This is the thing which makes EPOC training strikingly different from other sorts of exercise routines.

While doing EPOC training, one must realise that excess post exercise oxygen consumption directly depends upon the intensity of the exercises and does not rely on the duration of exercise. Even a 20 minutes long high intensity exercise is enough to achieve the desired EPOC effect.

In the EPOC process, the body uses oxygen for restoring muscle glycogen and to rebuild the muscle protein damaged in the workout. This continues for a long time even after you are done with the exercise, until your body reaches a stable state. Due to this impressive feature, EPOC training is considered as one of the most promising ways to lose weight fast. This kind of training actually transforms your body into a fat burning machine which keeps on burning calories even in a non-exercise period.

There are many things that happen in our body during the process of EPOC, which include re-oxygenation of blood, a decrease in body temperature, replenishment of energy, restoration of circulatory hormones, stabilisation of heart rate and returning to the normal breathing pattern. All these processes make you consume a good amount of oxygen, which burns calories.

EPOC training includes only those exercises that make your body use a high amount of oxygen to get back to its stable state. Such exercises make you torch more calories after you are done with the cardio exercises. EPOC in layman terms is called afterburn. It measurably increases the oxygen required by your body to stabilise itself after a strenuous exercise session. During the EPOC the body starts reaching the resting state and adapts to the workout performed.

EPOC basically refers to an elevation in the oxygen uptake which is above the resting level. Such a training is a perfect example of working smart and to trick your body to keep on burning calories even after the exercise session is over.

The best thing about EPOC training is that you do not need to get a gym membership to practice this kind of exercise routine. You can easily burn fat all day long by performing this special workout for a few minutes a day, that too in the comfort of your home. There are many EPOC exercise plans that can be used to avail the benefits offered by this marvelous exercise technique. These programs are all-inclusive in nature as they contain all the necessary instructions to perform EPOC exercises in the best possible manner to get the maximum impact.

The high intensity exercises included in this type of workout make your body to push itself harder to build its back up of stored oxygen for up to 24 hours after the workout. It has been proven through research that strenuous exercises lead to a high degree of post exercise oxygen consumption as compared to the effect reached with steady, low intensity cardio exercises.

Such exercises when performed for a long time also improve your body’s ability to use oxygen properly. They also enhance your endurance power, which helps you stay longer in a workout. It is due to this reason that EPOC exercises are highly popular among the sports community. These exercises boost the stamina incredibly and also build strong fast-twitch muscle fibers for enhanced performance!

Try EPOC training yourself to experience the great power this workout holds!

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