How Cloud Computing can Grow your Business

November 9, 2016 by arpita-singh

Cloud computing has changed the entire face of the internet and technology. With its launch, businesses, small or big, have greatly benefitted in today’s competitive market including cost reduction, which is essential for their long-term success. Moreover, with cloud computing, web design and development companies and even other organization are also benefitted from the distributive IT hardware and software, which in turn, helps them to save on infrastructure. All these benefits allow businesses to adopt budding advanced technologies without having to spend much on their purchase. Businesses with cloud computing can work more effectively and are agile in the marketplace.

Ultimately, these advancements help businesses to rise in terms of services, accessibility, competitive advantages and cost saving.

Data Storage and Backup

As the name suggests, Cloud Storage, the most common uses of this technology is undoubtedly data backup and storage. According to the AT&T study, almost 63% of cloud users rely on the Cloud storage and relevant functions. With online data storage and backup services, businesses can protect their data from attacks, malware and natural failures that could affect on-premise hardware. With reputed Cloud providers, you also get greater protection as they allow storage on different stores, which if one goes down, the others save it.

The cloud-based backup and storage, besides offering adequate storage space, also offers many scalable backup services to easily accommodate extra workers and computers.


With cloud computing services, unlike traditional methods, businesses get the freedom to inexpensively and flexibly scale resources up or down without human intervention. The virtualized nature of the cloud computing allows additions of resources much more affordable and accessible.  Hence, Cloud can bring mobility, affordability, and accessibility to businesses, which is crucial to their long-term success.

Increases productivity

Cloud storages such as Microsoft OneDrive allow businesses to keep their data handy anywhere, anytime.  This, in turn, makes them and their employees efficient and more productive. It frees you from constraints and boundations on accessing crucial files or data during emergencies.  It not only saves you time but also makes it easy to find the data you need quickly.

Improve Collaboration

Another benefit of the cloud computing is that it enables remote workers to work together in real time. This means that if you have a team that is dispersed in various locations, by using cloud-based file-sharing services, you can update pitch decks, accessibility, and other documents regardless of your location – be at home, in the office, or anywhere else using your smartphones.

Businesses can make use of cloud-based tools like shared calendars, which make it easy to schedule business meetings, video conferencing using multi-party HD video, and editing and sharing files.

Reduced Communication Costs

Cloud computing reduces communication costs for your organization, offering immense cost savings for businesses, especially for the start-ups. Virtualization services offered by Cloud increases the value of the physical server hardware. This means that your organizations will be able to do more without spending much. This wipes out the need for large spaces reducing the infrastructure costs. In addition, it also switches to less power usage and minimized IT requirement expenditures. Plus, cloud computing also offers benefits of less maintenance, easy hardware installation, and upgrades, installation services, and support costs, all of which in turn helps in business cost savings that are greatly valuable for businesses.

Access Business Software

Cloud-based software is these days available for bookkeeping, word processing, contact management, and other key business operations. Almost 46% of small businesses that use cloud services find it convenient to access productivity tools online. Cloud-based software frees organizations from the burden of licensing fees allowing employees to work from any Internet-connected device. As the software is updated automatically, employees always have access to the newest features.

Keeps your Files up-to-date

Cloud-based sharing applications like Office 365 offer an added benefit of synchronizing your documents automatically across all devices whenever a modification is made. This makes certain businesses, especially website design and development companies always have the latest edition of their work and so do the people they share it with.

Arpita Singh a digital marketing and Content writer Manager is a leading Website Design & Development Company with a profound knowledge of marketing and with a good writing as well as communication skill as she is handling many such projects.