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September 11, 2018 by perfumebooth

Ever since the times immemorial, both men and women have been charmed by the perfect fragrance of the members of the opposite sex. Has it ever happened to you that you were standing at a busy crossroad and someone walks by with the kind of whiff that draws you in and for a moment, you forget everything – the hectic day ahead, the schedule which is driving you crazy, the errands you still need to run and the mess your life has become, because, for that one instant, all you crave for is that fragrance and who is the person wearing it!

Well, I have been there, done that on numbers occasion and if such an enticing and enchanting hold of a perfume doesn’t categorize as a great fashion statement, I really do not know what else will!

Keep the perfume game top notch

This is why it is really important to make sure that you always pick one of the best perfumes for yourself. Granted, the choices are endless because there are just about too many brands making perfumes. After all, why won’t they, the industry is a top thriving one!

I have also met some people who are clueless when it comes to buying perfumes, be it for themselves or even for their relatives and friends. Well, it doesn’t rocket science but it could be baffling if you do not know the intricacies of spotting the perfect perfume.

The right answer often lies in finding the kind of site or the sales guy who can help you through with the perfume picking process.

How to slay the game of fashion with your perfume?

Now that I have established the fact that choosing the right perfume can be a game changer as far as your fashion rating is concerned, I am now going to talk of how to slay this game and become the undisputed champion.

Guesses guesses!

Yeah! You read that right. I personally believe that rather than sticking to a single perfume all the time and making it the statement fragrance for you, there is a great variety in being the mystery girl and wearing different fragrances but with a similar theme all throughout.

This is why it is the Scent Shot which is one of my top picks. The perfume Scent Shot comes in a pack of 7 assorted mini perfumes and with a very stylish carry case. The mini perfumes all come in bullet-shaped vials which can be fit into the case.

So, if you, like me, love to carry the little spray of perfume on the go so you can take a spray every time you feel that the fragrance has bid a goodbye, exploring the different ranges of luxury perfume scent shot might be a smart move to make.

Choose the best

When it comes to perfumes, I have a zero tolerance policy towards quality. There is no way you should settle for perfumes, which aren’t top notch. If you fail to do so, the whole point of wearing a perfume gets to nought. Scent Shot Perfume contains 7 different perfumes from top international brands known for their quality.

You should spend hours looking for the kind of perfume, which suits your persona and your body odour as well. Do not be wildly experimental but there is nothing wrong in trying a little either.

Every time you pick a perfume, make sure that it is one, which is known to have the best kind of reviews as well. When you settle for a good perfume, the results should be there for you to see.

Scent that lingers

Finally, always choose the kind of scent, which is known to linger. No one likes a co-worker who keeps dabbing a spray of perfume every half an hour. Choose a fragrance, which stays for long and then you, can spray a whiff once or twice a day if you want.

Along with this, you, of course, need to dress right. Team the best accessories and then put on a good show! Trust me when I say this, the men are going to ogle you like you are the crazy trophy they have all been coveting!