Book Review: Dare to Win

March 11, 2017 by inpeaks_reviews

Do you dare to win? Dare to Win is an inspiring book written by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen in 1998. They are one of the New York Times Bestselling authors of Chicken soup for the soul and the Aladdin factor.

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Even after two decades the principles and the ideas are still fresh, new and practical. Hope you don’t miss the motivating thoughts in it. It is a winning program for success and it is also a great fun to read. This remains a masterpiece in the hands of those who dream to do great things in life. People of all ages will find this book interesting to read. A review of this book will also help you a little to lead a successful career and a happy family life.

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Reading is fun but it needs to be combined with words in action for realizing the goals. The first step is to learn how to dare and face the challenges. It is a trait and a quality that needs to be developed to achieve the true potential of one’s mind and one’s spiritual strength.

In the book, you will find the 12 steps to prosperity. You may read the same below:

1. Don’t focus on the problem
2. Think prosperous thoughts
3. Don’t believe in hard times
4. Allow prosperity to find you
5. My prosperity makes everyone better off
6. Get past ‘Stuckedness’
7. Don’t quit, no matter what
8. Promise a lot and deliver even more
9. Get in the right career
10. The five rules for making money: Earn, Save, Tithe, Increase net worth, and Philanthropist
11. Go for king of the mountain
12. Be assertive in your actions

The author states that everyone has problems and it rests on the person how to see opportunities and enormous possibilities hidden in the problems. That is your problems are your opportunities in disguise. Most of the people limit their thinking capacity to what they can see, feel and touch. The idea of daring is to expand your imagination about what’s possible. Then focus your energy entirely on the key things that you wish to accomplish in career and in the family.

Affirm yourself that it is possible for you. In your life, you will across marriage, finances, health, fitness, social contacts, emotions, spirituality, mental growth and these needs to be balanced with each other. This act of balancing has to be done with love in your hearts. Thereby achieving total prosperity becomes a reality.

Please find one of the favorite passages from the book below:

“You can achieve total prosperity! You can have all that you want financially and more. You can have joy and success and money in your future – much more than you’ve had in your past. All it takes to achieve this is the proper state of mind; Prosperity is created by a state of mind. The principle is simple: get turned on about prosperity and stay turned on. Write down your prosperity goals, visualize them, affirm your prosperity regularly, take appropriate actions and you will achieve them”.

The person whom you meet, communicate and share things also count a lot in your life. Try making a list of important people whom you wish to meet in your life and start working towards it to make it happen. This way you will find the purpose of your life. Strengthen your mind and awaken your spiritual selves to win what you aim in your life.

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