Transform Your Phone Into a Functional Bike Computer

May 30, 2017 by ournethelps

Bike Computer is a minimal cycling app that was being built with the feedback from the cycling community, one feature at a time reaching 150.000 downloads in eight months.

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There numerous cycling apps on the market, but are they doing their job properly? Most follow a simple template – add tracking, add metrics, and count the miles. But in truth, cyclists don’t need an app that will take their attention away from their performance. The app needs to do the opposite – help them ride further, push more and ride faster.

“This is why Bike Computer was built”, says the team of experienced app developers and more importantly passionate cyclists, who decided to talk to hundreds of cyclists first and discover what they really need to improve.

The result is an app for Android and iOS that has reached 150.000 downloads in less than eight months, with over 2 million miles covered by its cycling community… that is twice to the Moon and back.

Safety first

Bike Computer for Android and iOS includes a unique safety feature Keep me Safe that detects falls and accidents, and sends an SMS to emergency contacts with the location of the accident. This feature can save lives and was built first because the team behind it had a frightening experienced, where they almost lost a friend on one of their tours, but also realized that other apps and gear are doing a bad job keeping cyclists safer.

Keep me Safe is one of the favorite features of the cyclists who are subscribing to Bike Computer and a feature that will give confidence to you to ride further, but also ease the mind of your family and friends because they’ll know if you have a bad accident.

See Keep me Safe in action, courtesy of @CyclingCam’s brave stunt.

Design as a feature

7 out of 8 cyclists would recommend Bike Computer to their friends because of the minimal designs that mimics cycling devices. The purpose of Bike Computer is to be a better and an affordable alternative to … well… other bike computers that are more expensive and that you need to connect with your iPhone. You don’t need to carry two devices on your rides, as long as you have your phone which transforms into a Bike Computer.

With its minimal design, Bike Computer puts focus on metrics that you can see at a glance while riding. Slide left and right and you can see a great map from Mapbox that can be a navigation in real-time and a tracker of your cycling friends. Slide right and you’ll see an Activity Feed with saved rides with detailed analytics of speed and elevation.

You can also integrate with your Strava profile and save your rides on the social network, so you can invite your friends and your cycling club to use Bike Computer and still stay connected.

Building an ideal app for fellow cyclists

We can confirm the news that Bike Computer will add cadence sensors and more professional metrics that will be personalized and interchangeable. The team is also working on a mobile Bike Shop that is integrated into the app, with plans to work with independent manufacturers of cycling gear.

Try Bike Computer for Android and iOS.

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