Pros and Cons of Installing a Bathtub vs Installing a Walk in Shower

October 9, 2018 by sarah-jessica-smit

A bubble bath is everyone’s favorite, but is installing a bathtub really worth it? A walk-in shower is known to reduce water usage, but can it be truly savored as a relaxing hot water bath? These and similar question have crossed the mind of existing and new homeowners alike. What are the advantages and disadvantages of installing a bathtub versus installing a walk-in shower is a dilemma for many? However, it can be resolved if the person making the choice is fully aware of all the factors involved. In order to help you make up your mind, we present you 5 points to take into consideration before you decide on either of the options.

End users

First and foremost, always think about the person who is going to use either the bathtub or the shower. If you have small children, then bathing them in a bathtub is much more convenient that cramming with them inside a shower. In addition, they will be thrilled to have the opportunity to play pirates with their toy boats. Adults, especially those who have mobility issues, might prefer the walk-in shower since it can be equipped with a grab-bar or a bench to sit on. Keep in mind that these additions are not usually included in the original shower structure, so you will have to pay extra to have them installed.

Health concerns

Imagine a filled-up bathtub adorned with rose petals and scented bath salts. A relaxing and an Instagramable moment that only a warm bath can provide. But are these long baths good for our health, primarily our skin? Your body gets overexposed to water which washes away the protective layer of the epidermis. Showers, on the other hand, expose the body to a much lesser volume of water, making it much more suitable for people with sensitive skin. A shower won’t deprive the skin of its naturally produced oils, thus preserving its smoothness and preventing irritation and even inflammation.

Maintenance and repairs

Whichever option you choose, you have to be aware that it will have to serve your sanitary needs for years to come. That is why it is important to compare running maintenance costs of a bathtub and a walk-in shower. Since they are not technically too complex, the biggest issue you will have to deal with leaks. Not only can they corrode metal and provide fertile ground for mold to develop, but they can significantly increase water consumption. If you live in an arid region of the world, in Australia, for example, then this can be a problem for the entire neighborhood. That is why waterproofing specialists advise their clients to choose top quality bathroom-ware. However, this only goes for shower cabins since a bathtub is made from durable materials that are hard to puncture.


Bathrooms are not the biggest of spaces in any house, let alone in an apartment. Architects know that you will not be spending much time there, so they design them smaller in size than the rest of the room. This entails that each square meter inside the bathroom is important. Bathtubs are not known for being compact since their irregular shape means that they occupy a lot of space; some would say, too much of it. Walk-in showers, on the other hand, save valuable floor surface by projecting their size upwards towards the ceiling. This way they are much more compact, while providing a greater sense of airiness and spaciousness to their users.

Making a pause

Have you ever had the feeling that a shower or a bath is more than just the act of washing yourself? Almost all major religions practice ritual purification by means of water, so every bath has its symbolism. In the modern world, this might not be a religious event, but it does have a greater meaning. This is your time that you can use to relax, be pensive, and relieve yourself from all the accumulated stress, right there in the comfort of your spa-like bathroom. A running shower disturbs the much-needed peace and quiet and makes it hard to wind off. A bathtub in a room lit only by fragrant candles is much more alluring. It is not without a reason used in many home aromatherapy treatments.

The most important factor when choosing to install a bathtub or a walk-in shower would be your preferences. Do you have children, is your bathroom large enough for the desired option, can you regularly maintain it etc. These are questions that, if answered properly, provide a solution to this sanitary dilemma you might be having.