Apartment Application Guide For First Time Renters In Morrisville

February 24, 2018 by dellamoris

Your ID proof is not going to be sufficient in Morrisville, North Carolina if you are a first-time apartment renter. Due to its close proximity to the Research Triangle Park (RTP), this town is the favorite pick of apartment hunters from all around the globe. As a result, apartment owners are thorough in scrutinizing a potential renter. If you’re planning to rent an apartment, Morrisville is an ideal location. However, it is important to keep the following documents close to you in order to make the application procedure fast and hassle-free.

Proof of Income

One of the first things your potential landlord will ask to see along with the application is the proof of your income. The primary concern of the property owner is whether you can pay the rent every month or not, and he or she needs your paystubs to be sure that you make as much as you claim. Paystubs are not an option if you are a student, and in such a case, provide your bank statement that shows credible deposits from a source, most likely, your parents. However, make sure to provide a copy, and not the original documents.

Letters of Recommendation

Even though you are a first-time renter, you will earn a better credibility from the landlord if you can present letters of recommendation from credible sources. As you are new to renting apartments, these letters will obviously not contain your past record as a renter. Rather, as these come from your personal references, these letters will give the landlord an idea about your responsibility, work ethics, and other traits. However, choose your sources carefully. Recommendation from your college professor or employer will always bear more credibility than an old dorm-mate.


One other thing that you need to keep ready is your checkbook. Once you have picked your dream apartment in Morrisville, you may have to pay a certain amount, roughly somewhere around 50 dollars, as the application fee. In places where apartment-hunters are running amuck, chances of losing your pick is high if you have not paid a security deposit to secure the apartment.

Proof of Insurance and Vehicle Registration

In case you own a car, your potential landlord might want to check your proof of insurance and the vehicle registration, if the apartment has a parking lot. Sometimes apartment parking areas have limited space reserved only for the residents. With these two documents, your car will become one of the approved vehicles that are allowed to be parked inside the complex.

Social Security Number

Lastly, you need to provide your nine-digit social security number during your apartment application procedure. This number is the ultimate source for your potential landlord to find out about your background in details. However, you don’t have to provide the original or the copy of the document; just the number will be sufficient.

Once you have these documents ready before hunting an apartment, Morrisville will offer you easy access to some of the most highly reputed apartments near the RTP area. So be prepared with the essentials and the rest will be like a walk in the park.