5 Tips for Writing a College Essay That Will Impress the Admission Officer

June 17, 2017 by samantha2

Former high school students who have just completed their final examinations and are looking to spend a nice little vacation time are supposed to simultaneously work on their college admission essays Life may not sound fair at that point, but if they play smart, they can make both of these activities work. How? By following tips shared by successful candidates and experienced tutors, educationists, and admission officers.

When a student applies for admission in a college, he/she has to also submit a supportive essay that describes why he/she should be considered as a suitable candidate. It is the opportunity for students to showcase themselves and give more information about them to the admission officer(s). This essay is crucial because other than the application, it is the only way the college can analyze a “school student” as a potential “college student”. Based on this essay, the application may be accepted or rejected. Hence, it is crucial that students take extra effort to craft an effective and top-quality college paper.

Here are some solid tips that one can use while writing their admission essay:

Choose an Interesting, Personal Topic

Anyone who looks at a student’s high school record will know what subjects he/she is good at. Plus, the application essay will clearly mention what the student prefers to major in. Hence, the first step that students should take while starting work on their essay is to choose a topic that defines them, gives a fresh perspective about them to the admission officers, and makes them want to seriously consider their application.

Instead of focusing on topics like “my favorite subject” or “the importance of extra-curricular activities in a student’s life”, students should choose a topic that highlights their creativity.

Keep It Personal

A lot of students make the mistake of generalizing their content. Even though they have great essay writing skills, the problem usually lies in the content. Experts from writing service WriteMyPaper.Today suggest that the key to admission essay success is to keep it personal. Add a personal anecdote or two and make it the central point. Officers love personal stories that are full of heart. (And there’s a real storage of true storytellers in the world.)

In Own Words

The advent of online services that provide writing help has made most students dependent on them. While using such services is a clever move, it is often suggested that they edit the essay once they receive it from the professional essay writers. They should see if they want to change any words or sentences so that it properly aligns with their own thoughts.

Start Early

If a student hopes to spend his/her vacation time playing video games, going to summer music concerts, and hanging out with friends, then for their own sake they should start early. Probably the number one mistake that students make today, not starting early can lead to a lot of problems. Inability to brainstorm,

lack of editing, last-minute hurry, and a lousy end-product – explicit parameters of a poor admission essay.

If getting into that good college is a desire (and not just a need), students should start early.

Get Feedback

“Can you give me feedback on my paper?” is a lot better than “Write my paper!” Often the final step in essay writing, students are highly recommended that they get feedback from their friends, family, or even teachers. Improvements are bound to come their way as an essay is never complete nor perfect. The more revisions one makes, the better and more effective it gets.

A well-written essay that has gone through extra sets of eyes sits better when the admission officer goes through it.

Students can follow these five solid tips and their essays will be top-class. The main objective of an admission essay is to create a grand impression of oneself in front of a college’s admission panel. Starting early, writing in own words, and revising the final copy are the three main elements of a successful essay.