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A Simple Guide to Apply for Canada Visa

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Canada seems to be on everybody’s bucket list. Canada as a destination has evolved into a prominent tourist destination and a pioneering country with ample professional opportunities for people around the world. With this popularity, there is a surge in interest to witness this beautiful country in North America. While Canada is known for its scenic landscapes, the uniqueness of its topography is quite extraordinary. The phenomenal Northern Lights, the Majestic Rocky Mountains, the blissful nature wonderland of Banff National Park and the icy blue glaciers at Athabasca Glaciers leave travelers smitten by Canada’s splendor.

Anyone keen on traveling to Canada must apply for Electronic Travel Authorization or a Canada visa. An Electronic Travel Authorization can be obtained by citizens of certain countries who wish to travel to Canada. For citizens of countries exempted from this list, they need to apply for a valid Canada visa before their Canada travel departure.

A person traveling to Canada will be granted a visa only if he/she fulfills the following conditions:

  • The applicant should possess a valid passport.
  • Should not possess health-based inadmissibility i.e should not be a threat as a health hazard to the Canadian population.
  • Should be of a good moral character. The applicant must not have any unlawful, criminal records, human rights or immigration-related violations.
  • Must provide proof of sufficient finance for the duration of stay in Canada.

Should provide credentials and documents which assure exit from Canada once the travel purpose is fulfilled.

Canada visa is granted on the basis of the nature of travel. A temporary resident/visitor visa with a maximum validity of 6 months stay in Canada will be issued to those traveling to Canada for leisure travel. Travelers intending to visit Canada for business purposes need to apply for a Canada business visa. A business visitor to Canada will only be considered for a Canada business visa if the travel purpose is for purchasing or taking orders for Canadian goods and services for business in other countries, participation in exhibitions, meetings, conferences, and trade events, visiting the country to provide after-sale services, or is being trained by a Canadian company for work outside of Canada.

The following requirements are considered necessary while applying for Canada visit visa for leisure travelers:

  • A valid passport with minimum 6 months validity from date of travel. The passport must have two or more blank pages for visa stamping. Passport must not be handwritten; such passports will be rejected.
  • A duly filled and signed Canada visa application form. The application form should provide correct information without any errors or omissions and should be filled as per the instruction guidelines.
  • If the applicant is visiting the country with family members, a duly filled and signed Family Information form should be submitted for family members as well.
  • Two recent high-quality photographs with a dimension of 35mm x 45mm in full face front view in the white background. The applicant’s face should be in the middle of the photograph with size of the head – from chin to crown between 31 mm and 36 mm. Photographs must be clear, with neutral lighting and should not contain any markings. Applicant’s name and date of birth must be mentioned on the back of each photograph.
  • Documents as proof of financial support assuring that applicant can afford his and his family member’s financial expenses throughout the stay in Canada.
  • Proof of strong ties to the home country as assurance that the applicant will depart from Canada at the end of the stay. Documents ensuring return back to the home country such as return air tickets, travel itineraries will be required for visa application.
  • Proof of marital status – Photocopy of Marriage Certificate.
  • Proof of current immigration status if any. A document of legal status in the country of residence will be required if the applicant’s country of residence is different from the country of citizenship.
  • Visa fees of CAD 100 per person.

For Business visa applicants, the following Canada visa requirement should be followed:

Any business traveller to Canada needs to make sure that their intended business travel should be less than 6 months and the nature of business should not affect the Canadian Labor Market. The purpose of business should not be illegal in any manner or affect the welfare of Canadian population. The main place of business, a source of income and profit should be located outside Canada.

Regarding documentation for the application of a business visa, the basic documents are the same as a Canada tourist visa. In addition to these, the following requirements should be provided:

  • Letter of invitation from Canadian Host Company.
  • 24-hour contact details of the business host in Canada
  • Other relevant documents such as contracts or service agreements if related to the visit

Some key points to be noted regarding Canada visa:

  • All essential documents should be submitted in English or French. Documents in other languages must be presented along with a copy of a translated version of the documents either in English or French.
  • All application forms submitted for visa processing must contain correct information. Any discrepancy or errors will result in the rejection of visa.
  • It is suggested that business visa applicants should conduct diligence checks on the potential business partner in Canada before getting into any business obligations as a precautionary step.
  • Canada visa processing duration differs from country to country. However, it usually takes approximately 30 to 35 days for Canada visa processing.

It is very necessary to understand that possession of a valid Canada visa does not guarantee entry into Canada. The final decision lies with the Canada immigration officer who can refuse entry into the country based on the scrutiny of documents and observations on reasons to visit Canada.

There is every possibility that a traveler can be denied entry into the country due to violations, misconduct, change in the reason for travel, or any misleading or new details that don’t match with the visa and necessary documents. The sole authority to decide whether a person is to be given permission to enter Canada lies with the immigration control of Canada.

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