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An above ground pool installation – Finding location

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You should keep to several requirements before having your pool installed. A pool is a  container having a significant amount of water in it. It somehow gets filled in, then drained. You need to be sure that in the case of a leak or other emergency, unpleasant consequences will minimal. A good choice for placing is a sunny site, fairly aside from buildings and trees.

Dimensions of the site should be large enough to fit the bowl, and there is still free space.  From the house, you will have to install a water supply and electricity line. Another important requirement: a flat surface. But you can level it; however, it will take additional time and effort. The most popular are  2 types of above-ground pools: soft-sided and metal-walled.

  1. After the frame is installed, a fabric is stretched over it, forming a reservoir. The system becomes rigid after filling with water. It is a pretty  easy installation
  2. Metal frame  joints are bolted or locked. The lower and upper edges of the frame bars are insulated with an elastic tube. A liner is  put inside. Metal  system is more reliable than a soft one.

The water container has a significant mass that presses on the base. If the bowl is skewed,  the pressure will be uneven. This threatens to deform the walls and skew the structure. In this condition, the pool will not last long. Therefore, the base must be level. Permissible height differences are not more than 1-2 inches. 

When choosing a place for a pool in your yard, it is better to draw a pic of your site. The factors of your landscape must be observed, taking into account the texture of the soil, humidity, buildings, and planting. The area around the pool should be made in colors that are pleasant for you. Please take into account:

  • The presence of a gazebo.
  • The presence of the roof of the pool: retractable, hinged, pavilion, canopy, etc.
  • The presence of a barbecue area.

And when the general view of the site is formed in your head, or better – on a piece of paper, the place for the pool will be perfectly convenient and comfortable. When choosing a place to install a metal or soft-sided pool in your yard you should also take into account pool area measures precautions. We do not recommend locating the pool next to the playground, for example, above-ground basketball hoop. While practicing with the ball, you can get distracted and run into the body of the pool. If you are a sportsman, a basketball player, and a swimmer – order an inground basketball hoop installation away from the pool area. 

So there are some tips on how to do the installation the right way.

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