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Alternative Medicine: A Few Common Myths And Facts

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Many people consult alternative medicine because they don’t get the desired results from mainstream medicine. Patients hole holistic doctors in high regard because they consider their treatment’s effect on the entire body rather than just the affected organ. However, there are many misconceptions about what alternative medicine does due to which it can be a polarizing subject. On one hand, some skeptics claim all holistic doctors to be quacks. In contrast, many supporters erroneously believe that natural medicines can cure anything. It’s important to clarify myths spread by both sides so that you know what to expect when you consult a functional medicine clinic.

Alternative Medicine Myths And Facts

Alternative Medicine Is All About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is just one of the many fields that alternative medicine covers. It also covers acupressure, chiropractic, massage therapy, naturopathy, energy therapy, etc. You should find out what the clinic specializes in before scheduling a consultation so that you get the right treatment for your disease.

Holistic Doctors Are Not Real Doctors

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Like other doctors, a holistic doctor cannot get a medical license and practice without a medical degree from an accredited institute. They may hold degrees like Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of Chiropractic (DC),  Nurse Practitioner (NP), etc. You should check the doctor’s degree and medical license before you schedule an appointment.

All Natural Medicines Are Good For You

Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it doesn’t have side effects. Germs are natural but are not healthy. Like synthetic medicines, natural medicines also contain many chemicals that may cause an unintended negative reaction. You should ask the doctor about potential side effects and follow their instructions on the dosage carefully.

Holistic Medicine Depends On Placebo Effect

This is a cynical viewpoint that dismisses studies that show holistic medicine’s effectiveness, especially when it comes to chronic diseases. Many patients find relief from back pain, joint problems, etc. through alternative medicine in Denver.

You Can’t Use Allopathy WIth Holistic Medicine

This isn’t always true, you can reap the benefits of natural medicines and allopathy together if you need to. They can prove effective in treating a disease when used together. In many cases, your physician may specialize in both fields. You need to inform the physicians about all treatments you take to prevent side effects.

Health Insurance Doesn’t Cover Holistic Treatments At All

While health insurance doesn’t cover all the treatments that alternative medicine in Denver has to offer, it may cover certain treatments like chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, naturopathy and biofeedback among others. You should check your insurance policy to be sure about what it covers. If it doesn’t cover a treatment you need, then you can either ask the doctor to suggest an alternative that the policy covers or pay from your pocket.

Alternate Medicines Can’t Substitute Allopathy

They can prove to be a good substitute if conventional treatments are not working. Many mainstream medicines were once considered alternative.

You Can Treat Yourself WIth Natural Medicines

Many people believe that they can cut medical bills by identifying and treating the disease themselves using natural medicines. It’s highly inadvisable because unless you are a medical expert, you may misdiagnose the ailment and worsen your problem. You should consult a holistic doctor in Denver instead because they specialize in identifying the ailments root cause and can prescribe medicines accordingly. You should also inform your physician if you plan on taking natural supplements.

It Cures You Instantly

Like with other treatments, different patients experience relief from their ailments at different rates. You should be wary of any practitioner who claims that they can fix your problem instantly, regardless of what they practice.

It Cures All Symptoms

The cure-all claim is another claim that you need to be wary of, especially if the list includes cancer. While some treatments can work on multiple problems, there is no cure-all.

Now that you understand what to expect when you visit a holistic doctor, you can decide whether you want to schedule an appointment with them or not.

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