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7 Ways to Achieve an Even Skin Tone Naturally

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The fact is that many people have an issue with their skin complexion. It doesn’t matter whether somebody has uneven color, texture or wrinkles, no one likes having a skin that doesn’t blend right with their ambitions.

For this reason, many of them are turning over to the counter solutions. Although these solutions can really help you in this case, most of them are made using strong chemicals that can lead to more problems.

That’s why, you have to go for natural remedies to gain a beautiful skin.

In this article, I’m going to discuss 7 best natural ways to achieve an even skin tone.

1. Drink a lot of Water

Water is very important in our body. It is beneficial in almost every organ of our body. In regard to the skin, water is responsible for cleansing the skin from inside. It prevents wrinkles and eliminates several other perils in the skin.

What this means is that if you want to get an even skin, then you have to keep yourself hydrated. Try to take at least 64 Ounces of water each day for significant results.

2. Prevent your Skin against Direct Sunlight

I bet you already know that some harmful rays of the sun can lead to uneven skin. Sun rays can burn your skin and not only lead to uneven skin tone but also lead to more dangerous skin problems such as skin cancer.

This means that you should at all times apply sunscreen whenever you know that you are going to spend some time out in the direct sunlight.

3. Use Lemon, Sugar and Coconut Oil Scrub

One fact is that Lemon juice has some astringent properties which can diminish dark spots and blemishes. Once the dark spots and blemishes are eliminated, you get an even skin tone.

Sugar, on the other hand, has some features that exfoliate the dead skin cells.

Coconut oil also has some properties that keep your skin moisturized.

How to apply?

Just get the three ingredients and mix all of them in a bowl. Take the mixture and apply the mask on your face.

It is a wise idea to scrub gently on the face as you apply.

Give it some time and later wash with Luke warm water.

4. Use Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a naturally available ingredient that can greatly help you on your mission to even your skin tone.

This ingredient is soothing and also has anti-inflammatory properties that can offer great help to your skin. This ingredient can as well reduce irritation and skin redness.

If this is what you have chosen to use, then you can apply it directly on your skin and it will give you amazing results.

5. Exercise

One thing that most of the people don’t know is that exercising can help your skin greatly.

The fact is that when you sweat, toxins are eliminated from the body. The other thing is that exercising increases the supply of Oxygen and nutrients which can impact directly on your skin’s complexion.

When there are enough oxygen and nutrients in the skin, it increases the production of Collagen.

Collagen is a support structure for the skin. Collagen helps to smoothen your skin and at the same time regulates the productions of natural oils.

6. Rosehip oil

This oil can help to decolorize dark spots or scarring. It can as well try to eliminate dark spots on your skin and at the same time reduce wrinkles.

Rosehip has some antioxidants that can fight free radical damage and simultaneously boost collagen production.

The wisest thing to do here is to apply rosehip oil directly to the skin. You have to do this several times a week for significant results.

7. Use Tea bags

Sometimes we don’t appreciate the ingredients that we have which can help us get the skin tone we have been waiting for.

I bet every kitchen has some tea bags. Just head there and get some teabags. They can greatly help with dark circles and acne.

What this means is that if you suffer from dark circles around the eyes or dark spots on your skin, then you can always apply teabag and wait for some time before you wash with cold water. They have some properties that reduce inflammation and can induce quick healing.


The above are some of the best methods that you can use today to get an even skin tone. However, you have to find out more especially if you think that you have sensitive skin. But ensure you exercise and drink a lot of water to prevent the occurrence of dark spots.

usama azam
Usama Azam is a medical student and has 2+ years of experience in this field. He loves to write articles on health and beauty tips and provides value according to the experience he is gaining in this field.

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