5 Signs That Your Dog Respects You

Dogs are known for being loyal and giving unconditional love, which is why many of us consider our canine chums best friends. But asides from loyalty and love, it’s equally important that your four-legged friend respects you. With respect, your pet will stay safe because they’ll obey your commands, and it’ll also strengthen the bond you share.

According to pet medication specialist, PetBucket, here are five signs that your dog respects you, along with tips on how to gain their respect:

He/she lets you go through the door first

If your dog races to beat you to the door, chances are he/she doesn’t respect you. Bolting out of a door can also be extremely dangerous, so it’s really important that you teach your dog to wait patiently behind you. Similarly, make sure to eat your meals before feeding your dog. If you can leave your plate unattended for a little while without your dog stealing your food, they respect you.

Top tip: When you’re first training your dog, never open a door that leads to potential danger or the main road unless you have first made it impossible for him/her to exit by that door. Leash your dog or make sure they’re in a locked/closed room before you answer the door or go to collect your mail.

Once your dog knows the outside is off limits without your permission, teach him/her to go through a door and then immediately turn around and sit, facing you. Use a treat to lure him/her through the door and to praise them when they obey you.

He/she has submissive body language and greets you with a wagging tail

Dogs express respect for their owners through submissive body language. So if your pooch greets you with a wagging tail, relaxed ears, calm facial expressions, and smooth fur, this is a major sign he/she respects you.

Top tip: If your dog doesn’t greet you warmly, this could also be a result of other issues. Make sure he/she receives sufficient exercise, and keep your favorite furry companion in the best of health and treat common ailments quickly and safely with flea treatment, heartworm treatment and other medications, vitamins and pet supplements.

He/she isn’t your personal alarm clock!

If your dog wakes you up, it means he/she doesn’t respect you. To correct this behavior, the next time your four-legged friend tries to wake you up, simply ignore them. And then when they finally start respecting and listening to your commands, reward them with a treat.

Top tip: To earn your pet’s respect naturally, it’s important to be present when you are spending time together, remembering to put the phone down and give him/her your full attention.  Don’t step over your dog if he/she’s lying in your path, and be consistent in your commands and training.

He/she listens to you

It’s vital that your dog respects you by adhering to basic commands such as sit, stay and come. Earning this respect can keep your pet out of harm’s way in potentially dangerous situations involving traffic, steep drops, or other hazards.

Top tip: A great way to earn the trust and respect of your pooch is to be calm and assertive whenever you’re with him/her, to show that you’re the top dog and that you have things in control.

He/she doesn’t nudge you out of your favorite spot

A respectful pet will move out of your way when you claim a spot on the couch or bed. While it’s totally fine to share these spaces with your pet, he/she shouldn’t try to push you out of the way.

Top tip: If your dog snaps or growls at you when you try to move him/her out of your spot, you need to nip this disrespect in the bud straight away. Let your pooch know that you’re top dog by teaching basic commands such as ‘Move’ and ‘Up’, and reward good behavior with a treat.

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