5 Signs That You May Need Glasses

    do i need glasses

    Did you know that 32.6 million Americans use over-the-counter glasses? While more of us need help with our vision, the cheaper option is not always the best. But do you know when you actually need to go for an eye test?

    There are many signs beyond not being able to see properly. If you are asking the question “Do I need glasses?” then read on.

    1. Headaches

    Headaches are one of the most common side effects of eye strain. If you find yourself squinting or having trouble viewing text or items far away, then your eyes are working overtime. This pressure results in pain around the eye area and the head.

    Even if you wear glasses, you may find that your prescription has become outdated. You may find that you are staring at screens for too long, taking in too much blue light.

    2. Struggling to See Close Up

    If you struggle to see things up close, then you are probably farsighted. This is when you may have trouble reading the text on your phone, or get tired when reading a book. Many people buy over-the-counter reading glasses for this task.

    However, they can never replace a good prescription and eye exam. In addition, you may have to take them off for other tasks. To get around this, speak to an eye care specialist about varifocal lenses.

    3. Struggling to See Distance

    Struggling to see at a distance is known as myopic vision or nearsightedness. It can be much more dangerous than not being able to see close up. This is because it is needed for activities such as driving and depth perception.

    This is the most common sight problem in young adults and children. A pair of high index, prescription lenses will work and may even help to correct the eye issues.

    4. Blurred Vision

    Blurred vision is usually a result of astigmatism. This is an imperfection in the curvature of the eye. When the cornea lenses are mismatched, you get a fuzzy view, more commonly with near vision.

    Luckily, it is easy to correct. All you need is a glasses prescription to help the lens focus and strengthen its position.

    In some cases, you may have underlying medical problems, such as glaucoma. Speak with a quality optician first such as a Specs Appeal. After a test, they may refer you to a doctor if they think the problem is more serious.

    5. Double Vision

    In extreme cases of astigmatism, the lenses in the eye may go so out of position it causes double vision. As this can really impact daily activities, it is important to get it rectified immediately. It may be that your lenses have become outdated and are not helping to correct the eye any longer.

    Do I Need Glasses?

    After reading these pointers, you should now be able to answer the question “Do I need glasses?” If even one or two are impacting you, then it is worth getting a test. Eye problems do not go away but will continue to get worse.

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