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5 Mistakes Every New Car Buyer Makes

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Are you planning to buy a new car? Here are the common 5 mistakes you should avoid while buying a new car!

A long drive with your loved one with your favorite track blasting on the stereo in a brand new car you bought recently is like a dream come true. In India, a car in the home is not only an asset; rather it is often associated with feelings and emotions. And hence, buying a new car can be both exciting and emotional. From walking into a car dealership to driving out your new car, every step in the process can be exciting yet confusing too.

Filled with emotions and excitement, most of the new car buyers take quick decisions without thinking about it. And later, they find out that they have done a blunder mistake. Buying a new car won’t be a scary experience if you know how to avoid the most common mistakes every new car buyers make. To let you know more about it, here we enlist 5 mistakes you should avoid while buying a new car.

1. No Research & Test Drive

Most of the first-time car buyers fail to do a proper research before buying a car. Adding to their mistakes, they don’t ask for a test drive from the car dealer.

What you should do:

First of all, you need to understand what exactly you need. Whether you need a small hatch, a premium sedan, a sporty SUV or a family wagon, and then you have to decide your budget. Once this is done, it is advisable to have an online research for finding the most suitable car for your needs and preferences. You should also talk to your friends and family for their suggestions. Once your car is finalized, ask the dealer for a long test drive.

2. Negotiations

Not negotiating on the on-road price, free accessories and other freebies aren’t considered a sensible decision.

What you should do:

It is always advisable to negotiate with your car dealer on the final price, free accessories and other freebies like petrol vouchers before making a deal. Ask your car dealer for corporate discounts and other festive offers while negotiating. Do visit, other car dealers of the same brand, to know their offerings and final price quotes. This will help you in negotiating with your car dealership too. Don’t forget to ask for free car accessories and additional discounts on other accessories you buy from them by paying extra. Lastly, ask for free fuel vouchers without any hesitation.

3. Comparing Financing Options

Not comparing car financing options and deals may result in getting you an expensive finance deal.

What you should do:

If you are planning to buy a car on loan, it is advisable to have a thorough research on car loan and finance deals offered by different banks and financial institutions. Go through the different online platforms available for comparing the financing deals, down payment, interest rates, and loan tenure. Don’t stick only to the banks and financing options available at car dealer’s premises. If needed, make a personal visit to banks around for a car loan deal. Who knows, you might save a lot by doing a little bit research.

4. Buying Extra Accessories from Dealers

Buying additional accessories from car dealers can be expensive. Car dealers would pressurize you not to go to aftermarket accessories and buy them from the car dealer itself. However, it is you who have to decide.

What you should do:

If you are planning to buy additional accessories, take a quick walk to aftermarket shops for the price quotes. And then, compare it with what your car dealer is offering. If there is a big gap, ask your car dealer for a discount on the same accessory. If it doesn’t agree on the same, go for aftermarket accessory installations. However, some of the aftermarket car accessories may void your car warranty too. Make sure the aftermarket accessory has nothing to disturb your car warranty.

5. PDI (Pre-delivery Inspection)

Most of the people forget to do a quick PDI or pre-delivery inspection before getting the car registered at the car dealer’s premises.

What you should do:

Before the car dealer registers the car in your name, ask your relationship manager for a quick PDI or pre-delivery inspection. Never compromise with the PDI process at any cost. Do check the car’s odometer to ensure that it isn’t a test drive unit. Look for small scratches on exteriors as well as interiors, faulty electric switches, cracked door knobs, mismatched paint work, dents or any other fault. If you feel something is not good with the car offered to you, ask for any other car to be registered in your name. Never compromise at it may cost a number of new troubles later.

My name is Kiara Sanger. I am passionate automotive blogger and lover to write on the latest news and technology in the automobile industry. I provide necessary information and details people are searching regarding cars and automobile.

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