27 Reasons Why You Should Write Online Articles

September 5, 2016 by OurNetHelps

Over the years I’ve been asked by a number of folks about my online article writing career. Most of the questions have to do with how and why. As in “how” is it possible that one person can write so many articles on the Internet, and “why” on Earth would anyone do it? You see, most people just do not have time in their day to sit down and pound out endless articles on their keyboard. Even if you use speech recognition software, it takes a lot of silent time to compose articles. Thus, it’s no wonder that having posted 27,000 online articles draws question marks from observers.

Some new online writers tell me that when they first saw the number of articles produced they thought it might be a numerical mistake, others simply assumed that there is no way all those articles could have been written all by one person. Well, I assure you they have, and it was a lot of hard work along the way. Of course, I have become extremely proficient and very efficient in the process of writing after all that practice, and I do use voice recognition software to compose about 2/3 of my articles.

Okay so, the second question; why? Well, everyone has different reasons for producing quality content online, so there is no single “exact answer” to that question. So, you have to ask yourself “why” and perhaps this list below of some of the reasons to create your own online articles might help you.

1. Write a Review
2. Educate Others
3. Market a Product
4. Ponder the Future
5. To Express Yourself
6. Give Expert Advice
7. Tell a Fictional Story
8. Share An Experience
9. Build a Business Brand
10. Build Personal Credibility
11. Improve Your Writing Skills
12. Help Others Solve Problems
13. Share a Thought or New Idea
14. Learn to Communicate Better
15. To Bring Awareness to a Cause
16. Hone Your Critical Thinking Skills
17. Meet New Friends Around the Planet
18. Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website
19. Help Your Memory and Cognitive Skills
20. Improve Physical Dexterity from Typing
21. Increase Your Social Networking Presence
22. Exercise Your Political Voice – Influence Society
23. Recruit People to Your Organization or Business
24. Help Big Data Algorithms to Improving Search Engines
25. Become a Better Speaker – Using Speech Recognition to Write
26. Practice Writing in a Different Language – Good Way to Learn English
27. Set a New World Record in Online Article Writing Over a Seven Year Period

No, these are not the “only reasons” why someone might produce online articles, as each author may find a few from this list to justify their hard work to create great content for online readers, and they might have a couple of other personal motivations as well. I guess, my biggest question to folks who don’t write online articles is; Why Not? Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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